Noha Suleiman

Amusement Parks You Need To Visit In Cairo

Cairo stands out for its huge and exciting amusement parks that guarantee a good time for friends and families alike. Here is a list of all the amusement parks you NEED to visit in Cairo for a day well-spent.

1. Dream Park

On top of our list is Dream Park, one of the biggest amusement centers in the Middle East, known for its exciting rides that are suitable for all ages. Dream Park is a classic go-to for families and friends during holidays and vacations, so don’t miss out.

2. Aqua Park

The biggest water park in the Middle East region, Aqua Park boasts the most thrilling water games. You’ll have the greatest time moving from one water ride to another. The fun park also has luscious green spaces for a nice stroll and many cafes for a quick bite.

3. Crazy Water

When you need a break from work routine but you don’t have the time nor the budget for a travel trip, Crazy Water is your answer. Here you’ll create unforgettable memories so gather your friends and go spend the day playing with all their awesome water rides.

4. B&D Park

Spend the perfect family day here, between the cinema and the kids games. A nice and quiet place that is closed, so it’s safe and warm all year around and is perfect for a mid-day outing. They always have the best of offers and it’s a great place for a child’s birthday.

5. Play Time Park

The biggest trampoline space in Egypt, which means you can jump, play and flip all day long. Play Time Park has a huge collection of games suitable for all ages, and any adult who goes there will definitely channel their inner child. They have a soft play area and a hall for parties and birthdays.

6. Dolphin Park

One of the best amusement parks you can visit in Cairo, Dolphin Park has dolphin shows that attract people from all over the country. You can watch the dolphins do tricks and even get a chance to take a picture with them. They also have fun rides and cafes that you shouldn’t miss so take your friends and go for a fun-packed day.