Noha Suleiman

3 Restaurants You Need To Try In Cairo

Between the Nile and the night, Cairo is filled with amazing places. Here are three fantastic spots to have dinner.

1. Pier 88 Egypt

This Italian gem serves the best authentic cuisine in an utmost Egyptian atmosphere. Reserve a table by the Nile and revel in the wonderful music surrounding you. Their food is simply delicious, the ambiance is amazing, and their service is the best.

2. Sheikh El Arab Village

A perfectly Bedouin spot, this village will transport you to a desert as soon as you step inside. They serve Bedouin specialties that are cooked and prepared on a bed of coal. They have a kid-friendly area that is perfect for families, and a corner for football league fanatics to keep up with tournaments and games.

3. Iskndarany

Authentic Alexandrian food in the heart of Cairo, this restaurant serves traditional Egyptian food with an Alexandrian twist like hawashi, liver, and more.