Sherine Mansour01 Apr 2019

5 Places To Learn Swimming In Cairo

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare for beach season by learning how to swim. Here are 5 of the best swimming schools and academies in Cairo, suitable for all ages:

1. Blue Bubbles Academy

Considered one of the best swimming schools in Cairo, Blue Bubbles has different teaching programs that are suitable for all ages. Their prices are reasonable and affordable, and they will definitely create a swimming champion out of you.

2. Smash Swimming Schools

This swimming school specializes in teaching children and teenagers different swimming styles and techniques. They start from scratch with a team of expertly trained professionals, which makes them fall in love with swimming. It’s located in different areas, so you can visit and enroll in the one closest to you.

3. ISSA Swimming Academy

If you’re looking for one-on-one private swimming classes, then the ISSA Swimming Academy is perfect for you. They’re one of the largest swimming centers in Cairo, with students as young as 3 years old. They’re known for their small classes so that every student is fully attended to.

4. Penguin Swim Academy

This swimming school is suitable for all ages, and will definitely make you enjoy swimming. They have a very positive ambiance, and their swimming pools are warm in winter and cool in summer. They have a team of highly qualified instructors that are very well-trained and different swimming programs to satisfy different student needs.

5. Elwani Swimming Academy

One of the most popular swimming schools in Cairo, Elwani is known for graduating some of the best swimmers that have competed in many championships. This swimming academy doesn’t create people who can swim, it creates winners. So if you want to swim on a professional level, this is the school for you.