Amr Chahine

6 Awesome Summer Camps For Kids In Cairo!

Summer is the perfect time for kids to have fun, make new friends, and learn cool stuff! Cairo has some amazing summer camps lined up that will keep your kids entertained and happy. Check out these top picks:

1. Royal Tots Camp

At The Royal College International School, Royal Tots Camp is all about fun and friendship! With lots of different activities, kids will have a blast and make new friends. It’s perfect for little ones to enjoy their summer break.

2. KidZania Cairo

KidZania Cairo’s Summer Camp is a dream for little scientists and engineers! In partnership with “nutty scientists”, this camp has awesome workshops where kids can explore science and learn to be future doctors, scientists, and engineers. Perfect for curious minds!

3. Rizkallah Art Foundation

Got a little artist at home? Rizkallah Art Foundation in New Cairo has short summer art courses in July and August. Kids can learn drawing and painting, and even some art history. It’s a great way to get creative this summer!

4. Leap Camps

Leap Camps in Cairo are all about having fun and making memories this summer! With activities like tennis classes, kids will stay active and enjoy every moment. Don’t miss out on this exciting summer adventure.

5. SANE Egypt

SANE Egypt’s summer camp is all about adventure and learning under the superversion of qualified trainers. Kids can join in a bunch of activities that are both fun and educational, making it a perfect summer experience.

6. Club5

Join the Cheerful Chums at Cairo’s Club5 Summer Camp for a summer full of laughter and learning! This camp focuses on self-discovery and the joy of being together. With lots of playful exploration imclufing cooking and baking, kids will have a summer to remember.

Cairo’s summer camps are ready to give your kids an amazing summer. Whether they’re into art, science, sports, or just looking for fun, there’s a perfect camp waiting for them!

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