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Our Favorite Spots To Get A Flat Croissant In Cairo!

Instagrammable pastries are the new trend. Are you obsessed with everything trendy? Then you must try the viral flat croissants! But how do you actually get your hands on these famous creations? Which bakeries are the best to visit? We’ve got you covered; Read on for our roundup of the best bakeries for flat croissants in Cairo!

1. TBS The Bakery Shop

Have you been scrolling through TikTok and Instagram and found yourself distracted by hundreds of tantalizing videos featuring stunning flat croissants? It is time to try TBS’s version! Flavors are quirky, we’re talking mint chocolate, red velvet, honeycomb and peanut butter! They even have the crookie and croffle.

2. Fornalia Artisan Bakery

Head to Fornalia Artisan Bakery for another picture-perfect flat croissant. Expect crispy croissant scattered with all manner of toppings, from lotus spread to pistachio spread. What’s not to love?

3. Ovio

We couldn’t delve into the best places to find flat croissants in Cairo without mentioning this standout. Whether you opt for the lotus, milk chocolate, or white chocolate flavor, you will find a hefty amount of toppings on a bed of oh-so-crunchy croissants!

4. Aboullaban

We highly suggest you make it a priority to try Aboullaban’s croissants! They have a huge variety like meat and Syrian croissants but the flat croissants still stand out for trend seekers! Strawberry, Nutella or Kinder, the choice is yours!

The croissant trends seem to never end. Flat, rolled, cronut, croffle, crookie or cube, you must try them! Couldn’t find the best spots for crookie in Cairo yet? Check out: How To Get Your Hands On The Viral Crookie In Cairo!