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17 Awesome Spots To Get Your Matcha Fix In Cairo

Matcha fans, this one’s for you! Whether you’re a matcha newbie or a green tea fan, here’s a guide to the best coffee shops in Cairo to get your matcha fix.

1. Koffee Kulture

Koffee Kulture knows how to mix it up! Their Blended Strawberry Matcha is a game-changer. It’s sweet, it’s earthy, it’s got strawberries—what more could you want? This is where you go when regular matcha just won’t do.

2. Breadfast Coffee

Meet the Spanish Matcha Latte! This delightful twist on a classic is perfect for those who like a little something extra in their drinks. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, and it’s definitely worth a try.

3. Coffee Fellows

Over in West Mark Zayed, Coffee Fellows is whipping up a dreamy matcha latte topped with whipped cream. It’s creamy, it’s delicious and pairs perfectly with one of their fresh bagels.

4. Ming Tea

Ming Tea in Cairo is your matcha playground. From Matcha Coffee Lattes to Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Milk, they’ve got a menu that’ll make your taste buds dance. Don’t miss out on their Taro Boba Matcha Milk Tea!

5. Haven Roasters

Smooth and creamy matcha awaits you at Haven Roasters in Hilton Zamalek. It’s the perfect spot to chill out and enjoy a well-crafted matcha latte.

6. RAF Coffee

Matcha Frappe time at Cairo’s RAF Coffee is a must! Whether you like it hot or cold, this frappe is so good, you might get hooked. Give it a try and see for yourself!

7. Moishi

For a sweet treat, head to Moishi and grab a Matcha Bubble Tea with a matcha mochi cake. It’s the perfect combo for a delicious dessert moment.

8. Feng Cha

If you’re into boba, Feng Cha Egypt has you covered. Their Matcha Boba Tea with taro pearls is authentic and oh-so-refreshing. It’s a boba dream come true!

9. Specialty Bun

Specialty Bun in Cairo is all about quality drinks, and their matcha options don’t disappoint. Whether you’re looking for a classic matcha or something new, you’ll find a tasty treat here.

10. Cult

Cult Egypt is your go-to for all things matcha and bagels. With flavors like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla milk for your matcha latte, plus unique options like lavender matcha and collagen matcha, there’s always something new to try.

11. Brown Nose Coffee

Head to Cairo’s Brown Nose Coffee for a tropical twist on your favorite drink. Their blended matcha with coconut is a refreshing and creamy treat that’s perfect for any day.

12. Vasko

Cairo’s Vasko’s Berries Matcha Frappe is the ultimate summer sip. It’s fruity, refreshing, and packed with matcha goodness. Don’t miss out!

13. Taiyaki

Taiyaki offers some seriously cool matcha drinks. From Matcha White Mocha to the TikTok-famous Matcha Pink Drink, there’s always something fun and tasty to try.

14. The Daily Kneads

For a perfect breakfast matcha, swing by The Daily Kneads in Cairo. Their iced matcha paired with a warm sandwich is the ideal way to start your day.

15. CAF Cafe

CAF Cafe offers a cozy ambiance perfect for getting work done or just chilling out. Their matcha latte will keep you energized and ready to take on the day.

16. Social Specialty Coffee

Social Specialty Coffee in Cairo has a variety of non-coffee drinks, but their matcha is something special. It’s refreshing, tasty, and perfect for a matcha fix.

17. 1980 Coffee

Cairo’s 1980 Coffee nails the balance with their matcha drinks. Not too sweet, not too bitter—just right. It’s the perfect spot for matcha purists.