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15+ Pizzerias In Cairo That Aren’t Pizza Hut

Why settle for the usual pizza chains? This city is brimming with unique pizza spots! If you’re in the mood for something different from the usual Pizza Hut or Domino’s, check out these top pizzerias in Cairo:

1. Frank’s Pizza

Craving something different? Try Frank’s Hamburger Deep Dish Pizza. It’s a hearty, indulgent experience that redefines pizza. Perfect for those adventurous eaters looking to satisfy their cravings with a twist.

2. Spaghi Spaghetteria

If you love seafood, the Pizza di Mare at Spaghi is a must-try. This delightful seafood pizza brings a burst of oceanic flavors right to your plate, making it a standout in Cairo’s pizza scene.

3. Olivo

For an intimate dining experience, Olivo offers the perfect setting. Their Spicy Salami pizza, with its fiery kick, is a crowd favorite and pairs wonderfully with a night out with friends or a romantic dinner.

4. Vinny’s Pizzeria

Craving a slice of New York in Cairo? Head to Vinny’s in Maadi. Their generously sized slices, with the perfect balance of toppings and crust, will transport you straight to the Big Apple.

5. 900 Degrees

Variety is the spice of life at 900 Degrees. Their Sausage Basilicata pizza, bursting with rich, savory flavors, is a testament to their culinary expertise.

6. What The Crust

Ranked among the “Top 100 Best Pizzerias in the World,” What The Crust is a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts.

7. Daje Italian Kitchen

Located in Rehab, Daje offers a unique Pizza Sandwich, that looks like an Italian manouche. It’s a must-try for those looking for something truly different.

8. Jade Pizza

For authentic woodfire pizza, Jade in Downtown Cairo is the place to be. Their pizzas, with perfectly charred crusts and delectable toppings, are a woodfire lover’s dream.

9. Cio’ Trattoria

Famous for allowing customers to make their pasta, Cio’ Trattoria also shines with its customizable pizzas.

10. Primo’s Pizza

Thin crust lovers, rejoice! Primo’s serves up cheesy, generously topped pizzas that are light yet satisfyingly indulgent.

11. Double D

If you’re a cheese fanatic, Double D’s Cheese Lover pizza is your match. With a whopping 500 grams of cheese, it’s a gooey, melty paradise.

12. Il Nilo Ristoro

Enjoy a romantic pizza date by the Nile at Il Nilo Ristoro. From classic Burrata to Hawaiian Pepperoni, there’s a flavor to satisfy every craving.

13. Maison Thomas

Experience a French twist on pizza at Maison Thomas. This vintage French-style pizzeria offers a variety of unique pizza options that blend the best of both worlds.

14. Pizza Station

As Cairo’s first New Yorker pizza by the slice since 2002, Pizza Station is a staple for quick, delicious slices that hit the spot.

15. Jimmy’s Pizzeria

Jimmy’s excels in both Neapolitan and American-style pizzas. Their calzones, stuffed with authentic ingredients, are particularly popular and incredibly tasty.

16. Country Hills

From deep dish Bacon BBQ Chicken to classic NY Pepperoni, Country Hills offers a range of American-style pizzas that cater to every palate.

Next time you’re craving pizza in Cairo, step out of your comfort zone and explore these amazing pizza spots.