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The Legend Returns: Kadim Al Sahir Live In Egypt After 2 Years!

The legendary Kadim Al Sahir is making a grand comeback to Egypt this summer, and boy, are we in for a treat! After a nail-biting two-year wait, the Iraqi sensation is all set to light up the stage once again on Friday, June 28th. Can you feel the excitement building up already?

Organized by the dynamic duo, Venture Lifestyle x Falcons, this concert promises to be nothing short of spectacular. The mesmerizing tunes of Al Sahir’s velvety voice will fill the air as the Egyptian night sky twinkles above. It’s the stuff dreams are made of!

This electrifying event is just a pitstop on Al Sahir’s epic “Now and Then” world tour. So, not only do we get to bask in his musical genius, but we’re also part of a global celebration of talent and culture. How cool is that?

kadim Al sahir egypt حفل كاظم الساهر مصر

Remember the last time he graced our shores back in August 2022? It was nothing short of sensational. And now, he’s back to serenade us once again with his timeless hits like “Zidini Ishqan”, “Ahebini”, and “Dalou’ati”. And let’s not forget about the ultimate classic, “Saidat Omri”! Seriously, if you haven’t fallen in love with that song, have you even lived?

After his stint in Egypt, Kadim Al Sahir will be jetting off to Beirut for another electrifying performance on July 5th. Talk about spreading music love across borders!

Get ready to lose yourselves in the melodies, to dance like nobody’s watching, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Kadim Al Sahir is back, and he’s ready to steal our hearts once again!