جوانا دوره

Our Favorite Spots To Stock Up On Yameesh Ramadan!

One of the most cherished traditions during Ramadan is breaking the fast with dates and other sweet treats. In Cairo, there are several spots where you can find the best yameesh Ramadan to enjoy with your loved ones. We listed the best ones below:

1. Nola Cupcakes: Glamour in a Box

Nola Cupcakes isn’t your average bakery; it’s a dessert haven during Ramadan. This year, they are offering gorgeous gift boxes filled with the finest yameesh, to enjoy for suhoor, iftar, or as a gift. From the tempting Yamish Small Box (EGP 875) to the extravagant Yamish Large VIP Box (EGP 2,850), Nola Cupcakes ensures your Ramadan is as sweet as it gets.

2. Gourmet Egypt: A Symphony of Flavors

Do you want your yameesh selection delivered to your doorstep in Cairo? Gourmet Egypt has your back. Fancy some California Raw Almond Halves? It’s a deal at EGP 159.00 for 200g. And if you’re nuts about Australian Macadamias, splurge at EGP 199.00 for 100g. Mix and match your yameesh favorites and let the Ramadan feast begin!

3. Abu Auf Shop: Yameesh Galore

Abu Auf Shop in Cairo takes the joy of Ramadan to another level with ready-made gift boxes, featuring dates stuffed with yameesh and an assortment of nuts. Have a little one at home? They’ve got a small box just for kids. Plus, who could resist the temptation of dates dipped in chocolate? Certainly not us!

4. Fleur Chocolates: Yameesh, the Luxe Way

Craving yameesh with a touch of luxury? Fleur Chocolates has your back. Dark, milk, or white chocolate bars adorned with nuts and yameesh – it’s a symphony for your senses. Treat yourself to Belgian chocolate-covered yameesh and let the decadence of Ramadan begin. Don’t miss out on their Ramadan advent calendar!

5. Voila Dessert: A Visual Feast

Cairo’s Voila Dessert turns yameesh into an art form. Expect a medium cartoon lantern (EGP 1,700) or a stylish Yameesh Wood Tray (EGP 1,350). Here it’s about creating a visual feast that elevates your Ramadan table.

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