Sherouk Magdy

The Best Restaurants For Juicy Rotisserie Chicken In Cairo

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about chicken when hunger strikes? Nothing beats that craving like a whole, tender, and juicy rotisserie chicken. Join us as we explore Cairo’s top spots for the ultimate rotisserie chicken experience. Your cravings are in for a treat!

Bayouki Rotisserie: Loaded Rotisserie Chicken

Located at the Mall of Egypt, Gate H2, Bayouki Rotisserie is the ruler of the roast! Your rotisserie chicken here comes with a twist! Enjoy your choice of chicken loaded with creamy pesto pasta, mushroom risotto, and musakhan fatteh. Their Bayouki Rice rotisserie chicken steals the show at around 450 EGP. The ambiance and diverse menu make it a must-visit for rotisserie enthusiasts.

Chiqita Egypt: Wood Fire Wonder

Cairo’s Chiqita brings the magic of wood-fired rotisserie chicken to multiple locations, including Zayed, 6th of October, and Sahrawy. Marinated for over 24 hours and slow-roasted for 3 hours, their peri-peri rotisserie chicken is a flavor explosion. From whole to deboned options, Chiqita caters to all preferences with prices ranging from 185 to 475 EGP.

Wienerwald Egypt: A Range of Choices

With branches in Heliopolis and Dokki, Wienerwald offers rotisserie delights at a diverse price range of 165 to 800 EGP. Choose from half or whole chickens to 1.5 or 2 chickens, served with salads, sauces, bread, extra sides, and even a beverage for those opting for the XL meals.

Coquette Chicken: Juicy French Indulgence

This first French rotisserie in Cairo, Coquette Chicken, boasts super juicy chicken with great sides and sauces. Don’t miss out on their steamed veggies and be sure to add a side of their oh-so-saucy wings to complete your meal. With prices ranging from 130 to 360 EGP, it’s a destination for those seeking a succulent rotisserie experience.

Cairo Kitchen: Classic Rotisserie Elegance
rotisserie chicken cairo

With branches in Zamalek and Maadi, Cairo Kitchen offers a classic rotisserie chicken experience. The tender and juicy brined chicken, flavored with rosemary, thyme, and lemon, is served with a choice of sides including molokhia, white rice, vermicelli rice, freek, grilled vegetables, or salad. Prices range from 85 to 245 EGP.

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