Sherouk Magdy

This New Cairo Restaurant Just Released A Unique Coffee Burger!

To all coffee lovers, we’ve got some seriously exciting news for you. So, you know how much we all love our coffee, right? We’ve found a unique coffee burger in Cairo that’s going to blow your caffeine-loving mind.

You know when you’re craving a burger, but you’re also in desperate need of a coffee fix? What do you do? Head straight to Oxygen, that’s what! Trust us, this place is a game-changer. This new spot in Cairo has only gone and created the Coffee Burger! It’s like a regular burger, but with a deliciously unexpected twist of coffee flavor infused into every bite.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – coffee in a burger? But hear us out, because once you sink your teeth into that juicy grilled beef bacon, topped with pickles, tomatoes, and cheese, all with a subtle hint of espresso goodness, you’ll be hooked. And don’t even get us started on the sides – crispy corn ribs or golden french fries? Decisions, decisions!

It gets even better. Cairo’s Oxygen isn’t just about the unique Coffee Burger (although let’s be real, that alone is worth the trip). They’ve got a whole menu packed with mouthwatering dishes that’ll have you coming back for more. From pasta loaded with both shrimps and chicken to pancakes so fluffy they practically melt in your mouth, there’s something for every meal.

Creative Beverages

And let’s not forget about the beverages. Oh boy, the beverages! Whether you’re a coffee purist or you like to mix things up with a smoothie or milkshake, Cairo’s Oxygen has got you covered. Their coffee is known for its smoothness and minimal bitterness, making it the perfect companion to your morning. Don’t miss out on the Nutella iced coffee, because it is something else!

Round up your coffee crew and head on over to Cairo’s Oxygen for a burger experience like no other. Trust us, once you’ve tasted the Coffee Burger, you’ll never look at brunch the same way again.