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New Year, New Hobbies: 18 Most Exciting Hobbies To Pick Up In Cairo!

It’s a brand new year, and what better time to pick up some exciting hobbies to add some excitement to your routine in Cairo? Let’s explore a world of possibilities right here in the heart of Egypt.

1. Let’s Talk Languages at The Language Hub T.L.H.!

Ever thought about picking up a new language? The Language Hub T.L.H. is your go-to spot! Choose between English, Spanish, Italian, and more.

2. Chill Out with Yoga and Meditation at On The Mat Studio

Stressed out? Find your Zen at On The Mat Studio. Yoga and meditation sessions are waiting for you. Stretch, breathe, and let the good vibes transform your year!

3. Shake it Off with Belly Dance at Anamel Studio

Ready to dance your heart out? Anamel Studio is the place to be for belly dancing. Move those hips and embrace the cool rhythm!

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4. Jamming Session at Musica Egypt

Feel the music calling? Musica Egypt has your back. Learn a musical instrument, be it a guitar or drums. Time to create your own tunes!

5. Splash Around at Start For Swimming

Still haven’t learned how to swim? Start For Swimming is all about fun swimming classes and indoor heated pools. It’s a hobby that’ll make you ready for some summer fun in Cairo.

6. Snap Happy with Photography at Cairo Photo Academy

Capture life’s moments with Cairo Photo Academy.

7. Hike It Up with Egypt Hiking Community

Let’s get outdoorsy! Egypt Hiking Community is your hiking buddy. Lace up those shoes, breathe in the fresh air, and let the adventures begin!

8. Hit the Bullseye with Archery at Archery Hub

Fancy some target practice? Archery Hub is where it’s at. Aim high, focus, and let those arrows fly!

9. Crack the Code with Coding atGo My Code

Tech-savvy much? Go My Code also has affordable coding classes. Dive into the digital world and unlock your inner coder with the ultimate hobby in Cairo!

10. Cook Up a Storm with The Cooking School

Time to impress in the kitchen! Get hands-on and cook up some deliciousness at The Cooking School!

11. Salsa and More at Latin Love Cairo Dance School

Become a pro dancer this year with Latin Love Cairo. Salsa, anyone? It’s all about fun, rhythm, and movement!

12. Paint the Town with Art Cafe Egypt

Feeling artsy? Art Cafe Egypt is your creative haven. Grab a brush, pick some colors, and let your imagination run wild with classes for all ages!

13. Roll with It at Skatopedia Academy

Wheels at the ready! Skatopedia Academy is the spot for skating and rollerblading. Let 2024’s good times roll!

14. Horseback Riding Fun at Stallion Equestrian Center

Giddy up! Stallion Equestrian Center is where horse lovers unite. Experience the thrill of horseback riding and connect with these majestic creatures.

15. Core Strength with Pilates at Axis Pilates Cairo

Get yourself a hobby that’ll make you fit and flexible with Axis Pilates in Cairo. Strengthen that core and feel the burn!

16. Get Your Hands Dirty with Pottery at Fokhara Studio

Feeling crafty? Fokhara Studio is the place to play with clay. Get hands-on and create your pottery masterpieces!

17. Speak Up with School of Public Speaking

Boost your confidence with the School of Public Speaking. Sharpen those public speaking skills and be ready to own the stage!

18. Reel in Fun with Fishing at Bluefin Sportfishing Egypt

Reel in fun and tranquility with fishing classes at Bluefin Sportfishing Egypt. Enjoy a relaxing hobby by the waters in Cairo.

Discover these exciting hobbies in Cairo and make the most of your leisure time!