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Craving Sushi In Cairo? Head To These Scrumptious Eateries!

Cairo’s sushi scene is buzzing with excitement, and you won’t believe the scrumptious delights that await you. From traditional Nigiri to mind-blowing sushi innovations, it’s time to explore the top spots in town for your sushi fix.

1. Nuwa Restaurant
sushi cairo

As you step into Nuwa, the Pan-Asian Restaurant in Cairo, you’re suddenly transported to an Asian culinary wonderland. Their Japanese offerings are like a symphony of flavors. Dive into their lavish sushi choices – we’re talking tuna truffle rolls and saffron rolls that are so good they should be illegal! And if you love slurping on delicious noodles, their Singaporean noodles will tickle your senses in all the right ways.

2. Ginger Restaurant
sushi cairo

Nestled on El Horeya St. in Heliopolis, Ginger Restaurant is your go-to sushi paradise. Love cheese? Try their Super Philly roll, which oozes Philadelphia cheese goodness. It’s like a cheesy hug for your palate. This cozy spot is perfect for a romantic sushi night out!

3. Mori Sushi
sushi cairo

Mori Sushi is the sushi kingpin in Cairo with multiple branches all over the city. Their menu is a sushi lover’s dream come true – Nigiri, Fire Rolls, and everything in between. Each of their scrumptious combos available in all sizes and shapes is served with super-fresh ingredients!

4. Ama Sushi
Bermuda roll

At Ama, they’ve redefined sushi. Imagine sushi in a triangle shape – it’s like a mini sushi adventure in every bite. Their eclectic range of combos (ranging between 12 pieces and 70 pieces!) guarantees a delightful experience for sushi enthusiasts. The Super Ama Spicy roll is a must. It’s Crunchy on the outside and so juicy on the inside

5. Garnelle
texico roll

Garnelle lets you be the sushi maestro. Create your own sushi combo, like a mad scientist of flavors. Try spicy crab meat and shrimp, topped with marinated salmon balls and a dash of sriracha! And for a delightful opening act, indulge in their shrimp bonbon – it’s like fireworks in your mouth, thanks to shrimp, mozzarella, and creamy perfection wrapped in spring rolls.

6. Makino Japanese Restaurant

For the ultimate sushi luxury, step into Makino, housed within the Hilton – Cairo in Zamalek. Their obsession with serving the freshest salmon ensures that each bite is a heavenly experience. The splendid ambiance and the spacious and stylish atmosphere make it perfect for the ultimate date night!