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Love Waffles? This Cairo Spot Is For You!

Nestled in the heart of Maadi at 2 Palestine St., Crumbs is a spot that is turning ordinary dishes into mouthwatering waffle extravaganzas. Check out the must-try waffle versions of our favorite foods!

Breakfast Sandwich
chicky sandwich

At the heart of Crumbs’ captivating menu is the star attraction – the “Waffle Chicky Sandwich.” Crispy fried chicken, fried eggs, pancake sauce, and honey mustard, all tucked into a freshly baked waffle. This creation is as mouthwatering as it sounds, and is ideal for brunch lovers!

Waffles and Mac n Cheese
waffle box

For those with a slightly heftier appetite, you’ll want to try the “Waffle Box”: fried chicken pane, a decadent mac and cheese fusion, and the secret sauce, all wrapped up in a waffle.

Hot Dog Waffles
waffle hotdog

Hot dog lovers, tuck into the “Block Hotdog.” Elevating an American classic to new heights, Crumbs wraps a succulent hotdog in a waffle, then layers it with lettuce, onion, mustard, sweet Santa Fe sauce, velvety cheese sauce, and a sprinkle of French celery.

Waffle Burger
Waffle burger In Cairo

And of course, every place has got to cater to burger lovers and Crumbs does just that. You’ll love how the crispy and textured waffles make this a delectable experience.