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5 Of Cairo’s Best New Cafes

Hold onto your mugs, Cairo! The city’s caffeine scene has been ignited by an explosion of daring new cafes that are taking your morning ritual to exhilarating heights. Get ready to plunge into the steaming world of these caffeine hotspots in Cairo that are rewriting the script on what it means to grab a cup of joe.

1. Villa Sumatra Coffee Co.: More Than Just a Sip

Villa Sumatra Coffee Co. cairo

Venture into Maadi’s coffee sanctuary, Villa Sumatra Coffee Co., where coffee isn’t just a drink, but an ethical experience. Sourced directly from Indonesian farmers to Cairo, their caffeine brews pack a punch of responsibility and flavor. And don’t forget to pair your cup of joe with their mesmerizing Sourdough Bagel with Buffalo Mozzarella for a breakfast that’s as unforgettable as their brews.

2. Sacks Specialty Coffee Roasters: Roasting Revolution

Sacks Specialty Coffee Roasters:

Sacks Coffee Roasters, nestled in Maadi, is more than just a roastery—it’s an ode to the art of coffee. With each roast, they orchestrate an experience that’s aromatic, robust, and captivating. While the coffee steals the spotlight, the symphony doesn’t end there. Dive into their delightful selection of bakery creations, invigorating matcha, and the enigmatic allure of their signature iced coffee creations.

3. La Pâtee: Where Flavor Dreams Take Flight

La Pâtée - pastries with a side of caffeine

Are you ready to have your taste buds tangled in a dance of flavors? La Pâtee in Maadi is here to turn your culinary dreams into reality. Pair your morning coffee with a pizza croissant that defies gravity with its incredible cheese pull. The aroma is so irresistible, you can practically taste it before you step inside their location in Cairo, and yes, their caffeine skills, iced or cold, are just as exhilarating!

4. Black Pearl Boba Lounge: A Twist on Tradition

Black Pearl Boba Lounge

At New Cairo’s One Golden Square Mall, the Black Pearl Boba Lounge is rewriting the boba tea narrative. But let’s not overlook their coffee offerings! From classics to creative shakes, this spot in Cairo delivers a caffeine kick that’s anything but ordinary. And with a convenient drive-thru option, your coffee fix has never been more accessible. Who says no to a caramel frappuccino with a side of boba after all? If you’re a fan of funky coffee creations, check out Lattes Served Inside A Donut At This Co-Working Space In Cairo.

5. Luca Treats: Where Gelato Meets Coffee

caffeine fix at Luca Treats- cairo

Nestled in the Agora Complex Mall, Luca Treats isn’t just a cafe in Cairo – it’s a rendezvous with gelato grandeur and caffeine excellence. Immerse yourself in the velvety world of handcrafted gelato while sipping on coffee concoctions that transport you to new dimensions of flavor.