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A Fun-filled Adventure Awaits! Kayak On The Mighty Nile

Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure that will bring you closer to friends and leave you with memories to cherish? Look no further than the Nile Kayak Club, your gateway to exploring the majestic Nile River on a thrilling kayak journey. Get your paddles ready and let’s dive into the excitement of kayaking the Nile!

Kayaking Nile

At the Nile Kayak Club, they offer a range of services that cater to both beginners and experienced kayakers. Let’s take a closer look at some of their offerings:

Their introductory Kayak session is priced at 180 Egyptian pounds, it enables you to enjoy a one-hour session on the Nile River, guided by experienced instructors. Feel the rush as you navigate the currents and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Ready to take your kayaking skills to the next level? The Nile Kayak Club offers professional training sessions at 250 EGP per session. With four sessions recommended, you’ll be equipped with the techniques and knowledge to tackle more challenging waters.

Kayaking Nile

Once you’ve honed your skills, members of the Nile Kayak Club can enjoy exclusive Kayak Practice sessions. Spend an hour refining your techniques and exploring the river at your own pace for 100 Egyptian pounds.

If you’re looking for a different water adventure, the club also offers Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) sessions and practice. Glide along the Nile’s surface and experience the tranquility of paddleboarding. SUP sessions are priced at 180 Egyptian pounds, while practice sessions are available to members for 100 Egyptian pounds per hour.

 Stand-Up Paddleboard

Share the thrill of kayaking with friends or family by opting for the Golden Experience. This package requires a minimum of four persons and costs 250 Egyptian pounds per hour. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond, laugh, and create unforgettable memories together.

For couples and families with children, the Nile Kayak Club provides canoe boat rentals. Take a leisurely cruise along the river and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Canoe boat rentals are available for 250 Egyptian pounds per hour.

Nile Kayak Club

Whether you’re a beginner seeking adventure or a seasoned kayaker looking for a new challenge, the Nile Kayak Club has something for everyone. Book your spot online and get ready to paddle the longest river and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience Kayaking the Nile like never before!