Noha Suleiman

Sweeten Your Week With These 4 Mouthwatering Desserts In Cairo

Cairo is a haven for so many things sweet, leaving us spoiled for choice. With an overwhelming array of delectable treats, it can be quite the challenge to pick just one. That’s why we’re here to guide you through four irresistibly delicious and mouthwatering sweet creations that are guaranteed to add a touch of sweetness to your week.

Here are four desserts to try in Cairo.

1. Chimneys from Croccante

Desserts In Cairo أشهى الحلويات في القاهرة

Popular in Prague and Hungary, these delicious chimney cakes are made from dough that’s wrapped around a cylinder and baked until it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The best part? You can stuff it with whatever you want! From Nutella to ice cream, the possibilities are endless. Who knew chimneys could be so sweet?

2. Turkish ice cream baklava from Fostok

ice cream baklava dessert

Our beloved Arabic dessert baklava that’s usually stuffed with nuts, now comes with a twist. Fostok takes it up a notch by adding ice cream to the mix. This upgrade is particularly welcome during these hot summer months. Who needs plain old baklava when you can have it with ice cream?

3. Mango Mochi from Momochi

Mochis are heavenly Japanese desserts made from rice flour. The little bites of heaven are usually filled with something sweet like ice cream or jellies. Momochis delicious mochis are filled with mango. The combination of the soft, pillowy texture of the mochi and the juicy burst of tropical fruit in each bite will have you craving more.

4. Tres Leches from Granita

Desserts In Cairo

This dessert is a Latin American classic that’s made with three types of milk (as the name suggests). Moist, creamy, decadent, and truly irresistible, this cake is every sweet tooth’s dream. One bite and you’ll understand why this dessert has been a beloved favorite for generations!