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Noha Suleiman

This Platform Is Empowering Egyptian Women And Girls To Drive Motorcycles

Founded by the incredible two sisters Menna and Nouran Farouk, Dosy Bike is an online platform that has been working around the clock to teach women how to ride scooters. Fighting all stereotypes, the number of women on motorcycles in Egypt is constantly growing.

The primary reason behind women hitting the roads on motorcycles and scooters is to manage the city’s chaotic traffic, especially during rush hour, and to deal with the soaring fuel prices. Riding a scooter could also be a great way to curb the high pollution rate in the country.

Years after this platform was launched, the stereotype is still something women in Egypt have to face whenever they decide to learn this skill. However, more and more women are taking up motorcycles in Egypt despite the stereotypes. The founding siblings, along with riders and instructors in Egypt, believe that society assigning masculinity and femininity to a means of transportation is absurd and consider these cliches unacceptable.

With Dosy Bike, women are learning a lot about safety, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to to being a good rider. They also learn how to maneuver the bike quickly and safely, how to emergency brake, manage things sharp turns, clutch control, slow riding, and reaction times at traffic lights. With each session, you will feel more and more comfortable with riding.

Not only will this make women more independent, but it will also help those who want to work after their classes to provide delivery services via scooters for restaurants, coffee shops, and other places.

If you’re considering riding a scooter, whether you’re located in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, or Giza, Dosy Bike will send you a professional trainer that will teach you everything from A to Z. Smash these stereotypes and learn this new skill!