Noha Kandil

5 Great Co-working Spaces In Cairo

Working from home at the moment? Whether you’re part of a remote-work team or an independent freelancer, co-working spaces in Cairo offer the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for premium facilities, great layouts, and spaces that inspire all the focus, here are five great co-working spaces that you can rent in Cairo to get some work done. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Regus Global

Coworking Spaces In Cairo

Our list starts off with one of the coolest co-working spaces in Cairo! Regus Global is well designed and boast plenty of natural light and incredible views of the Nile from the tower’s top floors. Choose between a private office, a shared space, and a virtual office to get your work done. Whatever you are looking for, these spaces will inspire creativity and calm.

Aristo Coworking space

Housed in a dynamic space, Aristo has been designed to create flow and allow creativity without compromising the ability to work in peace or with other team members easily. The facilities here are top-notch, with fast WiFi, 3D printers, and a variety of seating layouts. Make sure to benefit from the networking opportunities available to meet like-minded people!

MQR Spaces

MQR is one of the oldest and largest co-working spaces in Cairo. It boasts many meeting rooms and their WiFi connection is among the fastest. Their standing desks and ergonomic chairs are great for anyone looking to get some work done without wreaking havoc on their back!

Ice Cairo

Coworking spaces in Cairo

Located in the heart of Cairo, Ice is a perfect technology and innovation hub and an eco-friendly co-working space equipped with conference rooms, a cafe, and a shared area. This facility is clean, spacious, and well-maintained by a friendly team that insures your access to a printer, scanner, and an iMac.

New Cube Coworking

Suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and groups alike, the New Cube co-working space is located in a commercial district in Cairo. Choose between their training rooms, event spaces, well-equipped offices, and meeting spaces for a perfectly productive day. The comfortable outdoor seating will definitely make the work day pass by faster.