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6 Of The Best Escape Rooms To Try In Cairo

Looking for something fun and stimulating to do with your friends or family? We’ve got the perfect activity to get your adrenaline pumping!

These 6 escape rooms in Cairo are incredible immersive adventures waiting to be cracked. So take a break from the problems of the real world and gather your team members because you have a mission to accomplish!

1. Placebo

Offering a very unique experience, Placebo is dominating the scene when it comes to unusual escape rooms. Being one of the first role-playing escape rooms in town, the experience is a mix of role-playing games and escape rooms. Players who enter any of the rooms will be impersonating characters from the room’s mind-blowing stories. Flex your problem solving skills and do something a little out of character!

2. Escapers

Perfect for families, students, and most importantly, gamers and geeks, Escapers’ four escape rooms are focused on tickling brain teasers. As a team, you have to think together, work together, and most importantly, laugh together.

3. Sherlocked Egypt

If like us, you often fantastize about solving all of Sherlock Holmes’s riveting mysteries, then Sherlocked is the escape room for you. Located in El Nozha, this is one of the escape rooms in play. You and your friends have to solve puzzles to escape the clutches of danger. The nun’s room is definitely the most frightening so approach with caution.

4. The House

The first escape house in Cairo that combines the concept of escape rooms and haunted houses. This spooky challenge has you entering the house for 100 minutes with 5 – 12 of your friends to try to free Martha’s soul from the devil.

5. Breakout

Choose between their six escape rooms and take on the challenge with a group of your friends! There will be a combination of both mental and physical challenges, so get your thinking caps on and get ready for your blood to start pumping.

6. Mind Maze

Considered one of the best Escape Rooms in Cairo by patrons, MindMaze is a mind-bending game with terrifying twists. You’ll need to race against the clock, make split-second decisions, and solve physical challenges while uncovering a series of clues.