Maha Moustafa

The Bosporus: A Delighful Turkish Restaurant In Cairo

Cairo is no stranger to Turkish food, but most restaurants that claim to serve it often leave something to the imagination. Bosporus is here to solve that problem, being the first place in Cairo to have a Turkish chef, and with an extensive menu of the most authentic Turkish food, you’ll get your hands on in the city.

Bosporus serves unmatched authentic dishes with specialties such as pilav ustu kuzu kafas and the legendary Turkish pide. If you’re craving tasty kebabs that come with hearty Turkish food, Bosporus is the perfect place for you.

Offering authentic and fresh Turkish food with breathtaking views of the sea, you may just find yourself ordering an extra dish or two just to savor the experience! Don’t leave before trying their delicious desserts. As all are made using the traditional Turkish cooking techniques, drool-worthy!