Sherine Mansour

California’s Most Famous Cookie Shot Finally Lands in Cairo

Dirty Cookie, California’s Most Famous Cookie Shot has finally landed in Cairo!

All the way from California, Dirty Cookie has finally opened its doors in Egypt. We know you’ll be pleased to know that all your cookies’ dreams will come true.

This coffee shop in New Cairo has all the Los Angeles vibes you can get in Egypt. The pink will hit you like a storm at first, and then it’s all sunshine from there.

The menu consists of freshly baked cookies, homemade ice cream, churro, cookie pies, white chocolate lotus, double chocolate, red velvet, chocolate chip, jelly cookies, and even DIY kits by the dozen.

At the Dirty Cookie, cookie shots are a way of life. These edibles shot glasses are delicious with milk, ice cream and more.

Go get your fill, it’s worth the hype!