Ghossoun Hagag

5 Fun Things To Do In Cairo On A Budget

Going out with your family and kids can be pretty costly, but we’re here to tell you that fun can be as affordable as ever. Here are 5 things you can do in Cairo on a budget and still have the best time:

1. Take the river bus

If you were born in Cairo, then river buses were most definitely part of your childhood. Even till this day, the Nile river buses are the perfect plan for big families looking to spend some fun quality time together.

2. Spend the day at one of Cairo’s beautiful public gardens

Cairo is home to beautiful gardens boasting stunning greenery and awesome fun parks that are perfect for children. Make your way to one of the many gardens in the city and enjoy a fun family day out!

3. Enjoy a boat cruise

Another childhood staple, the boat cruises were the best part of every family outing, especially that they were extremely affordable!

4. View Cairo from atop the Cairo Tower

A simple outing that costs little but promises a lot of fun. The views from above the Cairo Tower are absolutely breathtaking, so don’t miss out. Children under 6 years old get free entrance, and tickets are for 25 EGP.

5. Tour the Citadel of Cairo or Citadel of Saladin

Not only will you see Cairo from above here, you’ll also get to tour the historical museums and monuments. Tickets are 10 EGP for students and 20 EGP for non-students.