Noha Suleiman

Beloved Actor Hasan Hosni Dies At 88 Years Old

Egyptian actor Hassan Hosni, known for his amazing talent, and known for his outstanding performances in hundreds of stage shows and films, died earlier today.

Hosni, born in October 1931, began acting in the school theater where he received many awards, then the military theater troupe and then the national theater.

Hosni appeared in films such as (Karnak) and (Amira My Love I) before drawing attention to him in (Bus Driver) with director Atef Al-Tayeb in 1982 and made prominent films in the Egyptian cinema, including (the fleets) and (Al-Hijama) and (a thief) Al-Farah), (Why Ya Violet), (The citizen is Egyptian), (Blood on asphalt), (Nasser 56) and (Outside the law). He stood beside the new generations that appeared after him and shared his cinematic start, such as Ala Wali Al-Din in (Abboud on the Borders), Muhammad Saad in (Al-Lambi), Hani Ramzy in (Lawyer Khula), Ahmed Helmi in (Mido Problems) and Ahmed Eid on (The Night of the Fall of Baghdad) until He was called the “Joker”.

In the TV drama, he excelled in multiple roles in the series (My Dear Sons, Thank You), (Al-Sabansah), (Al-Mawardi Coffee), (Al-Halawani Gate), (O Men of the World, Unite), (Raafat Al-Hajan), (Ibn Al-Nizam), (Where Is My Heart) and (Umm Kulthum) and (Rahim).