Noha Suleiman

Unleash Your Creativity At These 6 Spots In Egypt

No matter what you’re doing with your life, whether you’re satisfied or not, there comes a time when you want more. When that time comes, you should start searching within yourself first; look for unexplored abilities or hidden talents that could shift your perspective and give you that extra oomph you’re looking for. Here are some spots that would help you do just that…


Cultograph hasn’t been around for long, but it has definitely positioned itself among the top creative hubs. Cultograph offers all sorts of private music classes, as well as specific writing courses that you won’t find elsewhere, including Grant Writing for Artists, Writing about Visual Arts, Newsletter Writing, and CV Writing.

Alef Art & Education

Alef is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to learn a craft/skill through which you can earn some extra money. Alef Art & Education offers a wide range of workshops including Crochet with all its forms and techniques, Mosaic Design, Leather Notebook Making, Leather Bags Making, in addition to Wallet and Accessory Design.

Place Des Arts

Basics of Comics, Film-making for kids, Poetry and song writing workshops featuring celebrities like Wust EL Balad’s Hany Adel and Cairokee’s Ahmed Eid, are just a few examples of what Place Des Arts has to offer. Add to them, sculpture making, painting, drawing, music, etc. That Maadi Haven is the place to be to unleash your creativity. 

Kemet Art & Design

Kemet is what Ancient Egyptians used to name their country, meaning the Divine Black Land. Fast Forward to the now, Kemet Art & Design is an institution looking to flourish the art scene and design education and bring back their glory. The place offers courses in Fashion Design and styling, Fashion Drawing, Pattern Making and Sewing, Graphic Design as well as Jewelry Design.

Nayzak Animation School

Nayzak is one of the very few places in Egypt that is specialized in Animation and graphic teaching. Covering all courses related, from the basics of graphic design to 3D character creation and motion graphics. The place offers intensive courses as well as diplomas.

Studio Zat

Studio Zat is a Hub for Film lovers. whether you want to pursue a career in film, or just want to explore, Studio Zat got you covered. The place offers workshops in acting, writing, Editing, film-making, and several other workshops in all aspects related to the film industry.