Marwa El Kastawy

Feteer Meshaltet: Egypt’s Oldest Food?

Is your mouth watering yet? Ours is! The mere mention of feteer gets our tummies rumbling for this delicious flakey pastry. For those who don’t know this amazing treat, we’re here to introduce you to your new favorite obsession. Feteer can be either sweet or savory and is made of many thin layers of dough and ghee. Sweet fillings include cheese, honey, jam, nutella, chocolate, mehalabiya, and more! Savory feteer is often filled with sausage or cheese. The layered pastry dates back to ancient Egypt when it was left as an offering to the gods at their temples. For those who find themselves on the road between Alexandria and Cairo, Wahet Omar makes the absolute best feteer you’ll ever try! Grab some there, and extras as take away!

If you haven’t tried feteer yet, what are you waiting for?