Awad Saleeb

Diving, Parasailing, And Fishing: The Best Of Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most magical touristic areas in the world! Here are the best water activities you can check out there.


Parasailing is a really fun water sport that’s perfect for Sharm visitors! You can check out the many rental spots along the beach and try your hand at it for an hour. Prices start at 430 EGP per person, including transportation.


You don’t need fancy skills to snorkel, just some good gear! The best spot to snorkel is the Ras Muhammad Reserve, and you can check out what the sea looks like down below! For those looking to snorkel as part of a 4 hour cruise that includes lunch and drinks, prices begin at 480 EGP per person.


You’ll have a chance to see the marine life of the Red Sea up close and personal! Enjoy the corals and take some photos. Diving skills are required.

Rent a speed boat

For around 1800 EGP, you can rent a 7-person speedboat for two hours and set off on an adventure.

Take a cruise to Dahab

You can also book a full day trip to the magical Blue Hole in Dahab and enjoy a full day of fishing, snorkeling, riding camels, and canoeing for around 600 EGP per person, including meals.