Maha Mohamed

Things To Do In Siwa Oasis

Let us discover the area of Siwa Oasis together!

Located around 830 Km from Cairo, this fantastic space has so many fun things to do.

Best Touristic Spots:

Siwa House Museum: Located in a traditional Siwan house, the museum boasts traditional Siwan objects such as silver jewelry, music instruments, wedding costumes, baskets, and more!

Cleopatra’s Bath: Located in the Siwa Oasis, Cleopatra’s Bath is a natural spring that bubbles up from the ground. Although there’s no proof that Cleopatra actually bathed here, this spring-fed pool is very popular.

Shali Fortress: The centre of Siwa is overtaken by the ruins of the 13th century Shali fortress. Built from a material known as ‘kershef’ (salt rocks from the local salt lakes), this magical spot is a must-see.

Amun Temple: The magical site of a Greek oracle temple dedicated to the Egyptian sun god Amun.

Fatnas Island: The magical shimmering salt lake of Birket Siwa.

Recreational Activities:

Safari: Typically happening between the months of October and April, these are so great.