Karlos Anis

10 Charming Coffee Shops You Should Try In Cairo

Cairo, the city of lively nights and coffee shops. Take a stroll through its streets and revel in all the beauty it has to offer, then make a stop at any coffee shop for a warm cup of tea or a decadent sip of coffee, paired with the finest tunes of Umm Kulthum. We’ve rounded a list of 10 charming coffee shops in Cairo that you need to try.

1. Café Riche

One of the most renowned landmarks in Cairo, Cafe Riche was founded in 1908 on Talaat Harb Street. The coffee shop was a regular stop for Egypt’s greatest artists and intellectuals, who enjoyed its affordable prices and calm atmosphere. Grab a seat inside and surround yourself with Cairo’s rich history, but you won’t be able to smoke shisha here as the cafe is still preserving its poise.

2. Zahret Al Bostan

If you love shisha and can’t give it up, make your way to the alley right beside Cafe Riche, which will lead you to a different world of colors. Make your way to the Mohamed Salah graffiti in Zahret El Bostan and snap a picture with fakher el 3arab. You can also find portraits of other Egyptian icons which will make you feel like you’re walking into a museum rather than a coffee shop.

3. Hurriya Bar and Cafe

Located next to Cafe Riche and Zahret Al Bostan, Hurriya Cafe is another historical landmark in Cairo. Split into two parts, the bar serves beer only and the cafe is a regular coffee shop. Here you’ll find foreigners from all over the world, flocking to visit the cafe where “Romantika” was filmed.

4. Al Tak3eba Cafe

If you love art and shisha, this cafe is the place for you. Located on Hussein Al Meamari street, the cafe is found in the heart of Cairo’s creative space, amidst galleries like Town House and Kareem Francis. Don’t be surprised if you find a portrait of yourself while you’re there, it could be the work of the artist sitting in front of you.

5. Phoenix Coffee

If you’re still on the lookout for more coffee shops to try, then don’t miss out on Phoenix Coffee. Whether you’re alone or with friends, spending time at this coffee spot is rejuvenating and enriching. You’ll sip on delectable coffee and revel in the greatest stories, the same way Naguib el-Rihani and Umm Kulthum did.

6. Fishawi Coffee

Located in one of Cairo’s biggest tourist attractions, Fishawi Coffee is an authentic coffee spot in an authentic area. Founded in 1797, Fishawi Coffee is older than 200 years old. It has welcomed intellectuals, artists and presidents over the years, and holds so much rich history you shouldn’t miss out on.

7. El Zahraa Cafe and Restaurant

Open 24 hours, this cafe boasts good music and radiates a good mood. Here you can revel in the finest tunes and you’ll never get bored, which is exactly why they’re open 24/7.

8. El Saqya Cafe

Located on Al Moez Street, El Saqya Cafe will pull you in. It has a section for shisha and is made up of 2 floors, but what truly sets it apart is the music of legends Mounir and Mounib playing at all times and their pictures plastered on the cafe walls.

9. Bayt Al-Suhaymi

This cafe boasts an entirely different soothing atmosphere in an open space that will take you back to a different time. Everything you crave you can find here, and all for a reasonable price. The cafe also has an authentic Arabian corner in case you don’t want to sit on tables and chairs with your friends.

10. Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

After Naguib Mahfouz was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1988, this cafe was opened in Khan Al Khalili in honor of the writer. An attraction for people from all over the country, the cafe is plastered with portraits of Mahfouz and has excellent service that will keep you coming back for more.