Mohamed Mohsen

Syrian Restaurants You Should Try In October City

It’s impossible to visit October without indulging in some Syrian food. Currently, October is packed with Syrian restaurants and Syrian people, so we’ve rounded up a list of all the restaurants you should try for delicious Syrian food.


Have you been to October?


And did you go to Rosto?


Then you haven’t been to October, so go back and head straight to Rosto for a taste of their famous grilled chicken in particular and their menu in general. The restaurant has 3 different branches in October, all located near each other and all are always packed with customers. But don’t worry there’s place for you too.

Shawarma El Reem

Known for being the original Syrian shawarma in Egypt, Shawarma El Reem have many branches in the country. With an exquisite menu and delicious filling meals, they’re open every day from 10 AM till 2 AM so make sure you try them out.

Chef Al Sham

One of the best Syrian restaurants in Egypt, Chef Al Sham is not found in Al Hosary or the hub of Syrian food in the city. Instead, it’s located in 1st District where it serves delicious chicken, kafta, shawarma and pizza.

Barakat Al Halabi

This spot serves different types of Syrian food, aside from the ones we’re used to. Their broasted is marinated in a special mix of spices, and their shawarma fatte and grilled kebbeh are simply mouthwatering. They’re located in Al Husary in October and their other branch is in Sheikh Zayed, in Al Moez Mall.