Mohamed Mohsen

4 Different Places You Need To Visit In Cairo

Whether you live in Cairo or you’re just visiting, there’s a lot you can do aside from the regular outings, so we’ve rounded a list of cool and affordable places that you will definitely enjoy.

Al Moez Street

A historical street in Cairo that will take you back to the Fatimid era in Egypt as soon as you step foot inside. Al Moez Street is considered an open museum showcasing Islamic monuments and remnants from the past. The entrance fees are often symbolic and reasonable, and inside you’ll get to visit Al Rab3, a cultural hub that hosts Sufi music concerts. The street also boasts a folkloric ambiance and amazing performances.

Wadi Degla National Reserve

If you’re a fan of camping in the desert, then head to Al Maadi and make your way to the Wadi Degla National Reserve. Here you can see beautiful lime stones and different plantation, as well as rare animal and bird species that are friendly to mankind. You can choose to either go for a walk or ride the horses to discover the reserve (why not both?) and you can spend the day camping with your friends. Entrance to the reserve is very affordable.

The Pharaonic Village

True to its name, the Pharaonic Village is exactly that.. pharaonic. All Pharaoh-everything, even the restaurants and the boat ride. The village also includes kid-friendly areas as well as an animal zoo. The best part? They have a Cleopatra-inspired photo studio where you can dress like a Pharaoh and strike a pose for some unforgettable memories. For a fun activity, round up your friends and challenge them to a game of “escape the tomb”, followed by a walk through the village’s many rich museums.


There’s no one thing you can do in Downtown Cairo. Walking through its streets between the old buildings is enough to put you in a good mood, followed by a stop at the area’s many delicious and recommended restaurants. One landmark in the area is definitely Tahrir Square, but don’t let it be your one and only stop as there are many things to discover deep inside.