Awad Saleeb

4 Coffee Shops In Alexandria You Need To Try

If you’re a coffee person (and you probably are), then you’re definitely always on the lookout for the most charming coffee shops to try around Alexandria. Here’s our list of our favorite coffee spots, try them and let us know what you think!


Founded in Alexandria in 1908, Sofianopoulo is a staple on Saad Zaghloul street. But don’t worry, if you lose your way there because you can count on the smell of freshly brewed coffee beans to guide you. Whether you drink Turkish coffee, espresso, mocha, or cappuccino, they have it all.

Brazilian Coffee Stores

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Brazilian Coffee Stores are a unique landmark in Alexandria. Almost 90 years old, the stores boast different coffee flavors, all equally delicious and found in all their branches. The coffee chain is always on top of competition as they’re consistently improving their brand and expanding. Don’t just settle for a cup of coffee, venture into their baked goods as well because there is no better combo than coffee and chocolate.

Qahwet Farouq

With its architectural designs and King Farouq portraits, this charming coffee spot will take you back to 1928. It boasts an ancient Alexandrian aura which goes perfectly hand-in-hand with their Turkish coffee and mint tea.


One of the most comforting spots in Alexandria, Delices goes a long way back. It was founded in 1922 and has been serving delectable coffee and toothsome bakes ever since. You can choose to have your coffee inside, paired with an eye-pleasing interior and soothing music, or outdoors overlooking a panoramic view of the sea.