Awad Saleeb

Top 5 Dinner Spots In Alexandria

Dinner options in Alexandria are endless and thus very difficult to choose from. Between all the Egyptian, Italian and Lebanese restaurants, you’ll find yourself at a crossroads, wishing your weekend was longer for a chance to try a different spot every day. But we’re here to save the day with our list of the top 5 dinner spots in Alexandria, perfect for all tastes and budgets.

Chez Gaby

The first restaurant to have introduced pizza to Alexandria was the Italian gem, Chez Gaby. An adorable spot that will take you to Italy with its interior, ambiance and music, Chez Gaby boasts a delicious assortment of authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, and salads. They also serve soft beverages as well as alcoholic drinks, and their prices are a bit above average but worthy of the experience.

Santa Lucia Restaurant

A perfect outing to spend a fair share of your recently-acquired salary at the beginning of the month, Santa Lucia is a must-try. The Greek restaurant boasts a classic aristocratic interior and features live piano performances, making it perfect for a romantic date. Their menu is European and includes endless and delectable food options as well as soft and alcoholic drinks.

Tamara Lebanese Bistro

If you’re craving a traditional Lebanese breakfast for dinner, head straight to Tamara Bistro in Designia Mall. There you’ll find a full menu of delectable appetizers, main dishes and desserts. We recommend you sample the fish and eggplant maqlouba as well as the fish and couscous tajine, and then satisfy your sweet tooth with some othmaliya, knafeh, and nutella mana2ish.

Zanilli’s Cafe & Restaurant

For a soothing dinner date by the sea, Zanilli’s Cafe & Restaurant is a go-to. They have an exquisite seafood menu with our personal favorite picks being the chicken and shrimp and the beef and reef.

Alban Swisra

One of the most famous popular spots in Alexandria, this small restaurant gained fame for its unique cheese pots. Sausage and cheese, mixed meat and cheese, eggs and cheese, tuna and cheese… you name it, they have it.