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20 Pilates Studios In Cairo You Can’t Miss!

We’ve scoped out Cairo’s top spots to get your Pilates fix, so you can focus on getting stronger, more flexible, and having a blast. Check out these Pilates gems and get ready to roll out your mat!

1. B-URN

Looking to integrate Pilates into a broader fitness regime? B-URN is your go-to spot. They emphasize core strength and flexibility, with classes that cater to all fitness levels. Get ready for a mix of methods and equipment that will keep your workouts fresh and effective!

2. 3Sixty Pilates Cairo

Want to up your Pilates game in a swanky environment? Head over to 3Sixty Pilates in Sheikh Zayed, Cairo. As a BASI Pilates host, this studio also offers Yoga and Dance, making it a chic spot for a well-rounded fitness experience.

3. Fit Stop

Looking for a fun and energetic Pilates session? Fit Stop Cairo is where pilates meets fun. Their dynamic classes will have you sweating, stretching, and feeling fantastic in no time.

4. She Zone Fitness Center

Ladies, this one’s for you! She zone is all about empowering women through fitness. Their Pilates classes are perfect for any woman looking to get fit and fabulous in a supportive and energetic environment.

5. Axis Pilates

Craving variety in your Pilates routine? Axis Pilates in Sheikh Zayed has you covered with a comprehensive range of equipment and classes. Whether it’s reformer, aero Pilates, or anything in between, you’ll find what you need here.

6. Reform Pilates Studios

Always on the move? Reform Pilates Studios have branches all over Egypt, making it easy to squeeze in a top-notch Pilates session wherever you are. Convenience and quality – what more could you ask for?

7. Pulse Fitness

If you love variety in your workouts, Pulse Fitness Cairo is the place to be. Besides Pilates, they offer Prama, Indoor Cycling, TRX, and Yoga. It’s a versatile spot to keep your fitness routine exciting and challenging.

8. Body Works

Seeking a ladies-only environment? Body Works offers a safe and supportive space for women to enjoy Pilates and other fitness classes. Perfect for those who prefer a female-centric workout setting.

9. Shereen El Baz

Prefer working out from home? Shereen El Baz brings Pilates to your living room with her online classes. Enjoy expert instruction and flexibility without leaving the house.

10. The Westin Cairo

Need a luxurious escape? The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa offers Pilates classes amidst the lush greens of Katameya Dunes. It’s a perfect blend of fitness and relaxation in a stunning setting.

11. Maria Bishara

Looking for personalized training? Maria Bishara offers one-on-one Pilates sessions that cater to your specific fitness goals. Get the personal attention you need to thrive.

12. Heal Yoga Studio

Seeking a holistic approach? Heal Yoga Studio fuses yoga and Pilates, offering classes that balance flexibility and strength. A perfect spot for a mindful workout.

13. Flexana Yoga

Love retreats? Flexana Yoga offers yoga and Pilates retreats that blend relaxation with fitness. It’s an ideal getaway to recharge and strengthen your body and mind.

14. Nūn Center

Looking for a wellness haven? Nūn Center offers Pilates classes that will rejuvenate both your body and mind. A great place to find your balance.

15. Gold’s Gym

Want a robust workout? Gold’s Gym is legendary for a reason. Their Pilates classes are as energizing and effective as their other workouts, perfect for those who like to push their limits.

16. Osana Family Wellness

Craving a community vibe? Osana Family Wellness offers Pilates, barefoot classes, holistic therapies, and more in a family-friendly setting. It’s a true community space where wellness comes first.

17. Clubs

Looking for variety? Clubs in Cairo offers Pilates along with swimming, padel, golf, and more. It’s a one-stop shop for all your fitness and recreational needs.

18. Fit Hub

Want a vibrant fitness scene? Fit Hub Egypt offers a range of fitness classes, including Pilates, in an energetic and supportive environment. Get ready to sweat and smile!

19. Brass Monkeys Studios

Love a lively workout? Cairo’s Brass Monkeys Studios mix fitness classes, including Pilates, with a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Perfect for keeping things interesting.

20. Aerial Grace

Seeking something unique? Aerial Grace specializes in pole, aerial arts, flexibility, and Pilates. It’s a thrilling and creative way to work out.

There you have it, Cairo! These Pilates studios are ready to help you stretch, strengthen, and soar to new fitness heights. Get out there and find your perfect Pilates spot!