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Celebrate Croissant Day At These Amazing Bakeries In Cairo!

It’s that time of year again – Croissant Day! What better way to celebrate croissant, this flaky, buttery delight, than by carb-loading in Cairo’s finest bakeries? Whether you prefer them plain, stuffed, or with a creative twist, these spots have got you covered

1. Zack’s Bakery Cafe

Zack’s Bakery Cafe is offering a strawberry custard croissant that’s a merry blend of flaky pastry and luscious berries. It has crafted a masterpiece that will have you coming back for seconds.

2. Ratios Bakery

For the freshest and most buttery pastries in town, Ratios Bakery is the place to be! Treat yourself to a classic French flaky croissant that’s simply irresistible.

3. Prime House Coffee

Who needs regular bread when you can sandwich it up with a flaky croissant? Prime House Coffee is the place to be for a sandwich upgrade that’s next-level tasty!

4. Nude Bakery

Basic croissants? Not today! Nude Bakery’s Chocolate Marshmallow Croissant is here to slay your cravings.

5. Cake Cafe Cairo

Cake Cafe Cairo is where croissant dreams come true! From Nutella to savory cheese fillings, customize your croissant just the way you like it and savor every delicious bite.

6. Bake My Day

Bake My Day brings you a truffle cheese croissant that’s a breakfast game-changer. You won’t be able to resist the flaky goodness – it’s a must-try!

7. Holiday Inn Maadi‘s Zen Cafe

Elevate your Croissant Day at Holiday Inn Maadi’s Zen Cafe. Fresh, warm, and oh-so-delicious – it’s the perfect spot for a chill croissant celebration!

8. Despacito Cairo

Despacito Cairo isn’t just a bakery – it’s a brunch wonderland! Grab your crew and swing by for a croissant celebration that’s nothing short of amazing.

9. Il Mulino