جوانا دوره

Chef Nasser Recreates Airplane Interiors And Onboard Dining Experience!

Tired of seeing your mates flaunt their vacation snaps? We’ve got the ultimate passport-free adventure right here in Cairo – Chef Nasser‘s airplane-themed restaurant, where the vibes are soaring and the flavors are taking off! We’re talking a full-blown airplane experience that’ll make you forget all about the blandness of in-flight meals.

Nestled in Nasr City at 38 Mustafa El Nahas Street, Chef Nasser’s airplane – themed place is a whole vibe. Airplane seats, airplane windows (with sky views!), and no turbulence in sight. It’s like dining first-class without the disappointment of cardboard plane meals!

Chef Nasser, the taste maestro with 27 years of culinary magic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is here to flip the script. Forget those sad airplane snacks; we’re talking Eastern, Western, seafood, and Gulf cuisine that scream high-quality ingredients and mastery cooking.

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Menu Highlights Of Chef Nasser’s Airplane-themed Restaurant!

For the meat lovers, the lamb kabsa is a total game-changer. Seafood fans, brace yourselves for the fish fillet, served with veggies and rice that’ll make you question why you ever touched that in-flight tray.

But it’s not just about the rice meals. Chef Nasser is serving up a mix grill that’s better than any barbecue feast you’ve ever had, lasagna that’s a slice of heaven, sandwiches that are a handheld flavor explosion, and pizza pasta that’s a fusion masterpiece.

And for the sweet tooth crew, the dessert game is strong – try their um ali with lotus. It’s the grand finale your meal deserves. Plus, every corner of Chef Nasser’s airplane-themed eatery is Instagram gold.

So, when craving for an adventure, make a beeline for Chef Nasser’s airplane-themed spot in Cairo.