Sherouk Magdy

Top 7 Spots Offering The Best Christmas Sweets In Cairo!

The festive cheer in Cairo is sweetening up, and we’ve uncovered the city’s top spots where Christmas desserts take center stage. Get ready to take a closer look at the delectable offerings from these heavenly places.

1. Tortina Shop

Tortina Shop in Cairo beckons with an array of delightful Christmas desserts, from classic cookies to the indulgent Gianduja cake. Their Salted Toffee Chocolate Tart and Brownie Buche de Noel are must-tries, while the festive Jingle Berries Cake adds a burst of flavor to the celebrations. Don’t miss their exquisite Christmas Eclairs and the charming Strawberry Mistletoe Cake.

2. Duke’s Egypt

Cairo’s Duke’s embraces the holiday spirit with an irresistible selection of Christmas desserts and treats. The adorable Santa Mini Cake and Brownie Sticks Cartoon Gift Box are perfect for gifting or self-indulgence. Dive into the festive atmosphere with their Christmas cupcakes that capture the essence of the season.

3. NOLA Cupcakes
Christmas desserts Cairo

NOLA Cupcakes continues to impress with their creativity, offering a range of festive desserts that showcase their attention to detail. The Santa Snow Globe Cake is a showstopper, resembling a winter wonderland. Indulge in X Mas Cupcakes, X Mas Cakes, and the delightful X Mas Cookies for a sweet celebration.

4. Oven Heaven Bakery

For a taste of homemade goodness, Oven Heaven Bakery presents a Christmas Cookies Box featuring a delightful assortment. From Gingerbread to Mint Chocolate Chip, each cookie is a piece of holiday joy. This affordable and delectable option is perfect for sharing with loved ones.

5. Voila Dessert

Voila Dessert in Cairo captures the festive spirit with a visually stunning array of Christmas-themed desserts. From the Dolce Christmas Sticks to the whimsical Santa Cake, each creation is a work of art. The Countdown Cake and Trio Christmas showcase the mastery of flavor and presentation.

6. Fleur Chocolates

Feel the magic of Christmas with Fleur Chocolates’ 3D Belgian Chocolate House and other imaginative creations. The attention to detail and use of premium Belgian chocolate make these desserts a true holiday delight.

7. Le Chantilly Swiss Restaurant
Christmas desserts Cairo

Le Chantilly offers a grand selection of Buche de Noel in various flavors, from meringue to lotus and pistachio. Each creation is a masterpiece, promising a taste of luxury and tradition this Christmas.

This holiday season, let Cairo’s top dessert spots elevate your celebrations with their mouthwatering Christmas delights.