جوانا دوره

Sweet Koshary Madness Hits the Dessert Scene!

There’s a new dessert craze in town and we wouldn’t want you to miss out– it is the Sweet Koshary! Ever heard of Sweet Koshary? It’s like, forget everything you know about regular Koshary ’cause this is the craziest invention hitting your taste buds!

sweet koshary

So, here’s the scoop – they swapped every savory layer with a scrumptious sweet one resulting in a dessert masterpiece like no other! They ditched the vermicelli rice for full-fat rice pudding and swapped the pasta for the vermicelli used in kunafa. It’s a dessert makeover, and trust us, it’s lit!

sweet koshary

And the sauce? Say goodbye to the usual Koshary sauce and welcome Kashta cream! And if you thought they forgot the ta’liya, think again. Crushed Kullaj fried in high-quality clarified butter is the best sweet replacement for regular ta’liyah. It’s a whole new level of sweet indulgence.

But the real magic? The toppings! Milk Koshary with Pistachio, Kinder Bueno, Oreo Nutella, plain Nutella, Mango, and Lotus – and the prices won’t make you break the bank either! We’re talking 60 EGP for Milk Koshary with Pistachio or Kinder Bueno, and just 45 EGP for Oreo Nutella or plain Nutella. Want to mix it up? Milk Koshary Mango and Lotus are a steal at 55 EGP each.

Curious about who’s behind this genius creation? It’s none other than B.Laban! check out their Instagram and get ready for a visual sugar rush.

sweet koshary

Oh, and for those worried about it being too sweet – Go with the mango topping on your sweet koshary. It is the secret weapon, balancing out those flavors. Sweet Koshary is your newest sweet adventure that is just addictive. Dive in and let the sugar high begin!