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Not A Sweet Tooth? Here Are Cairo’s Best Savory Cakes!

Tired of devouring sweet cakes at every occasion? Flip the tables with something savory! Whether they’re sushi cake or even cheesy deep-dish pizza cakes, this list has every savory food lover’s dream: a salty cake. Check them out.

1. Duke’s – Where Savory Dreams Come True:
1. Duke's - Where Savory Dreams Come True:

Forget about cupcakes and frosting, Duke’s in Cairo is all about savory cake perfection! From their sumptuous smoked salmon cake and tuna cakes to their tempting mixed cheesecake and chicken cake, these creations will wow you.

2. ONE OAK Catering – When Sushi Meets Cake:
2. ONE OAK Catering - When Sushi Meets Cake:

Sweet cakes are so last season. One Oak in Cairo has reinvented the cake game with their sushi cake. Imagine layers of sushi pieces all stacked up to create a towering masterpiece. Located in New Cairo and Maadi, you can even take this sushi cake sensation to your events, leaving everyone in awe of your savory delight.

3. Vinny’s – Pizza Cake Paradise:
savory cake cairo 3. Vinny's - Pizza Cake Paradise:

Vinny’s is not here to slice, but to stack – pizza, that is! Choose between three layers or go all-in with their six layered pizza. Whether you crave classic pepperoni, or want to spice things up with Mexican chicken barbecue, the choice is yours.

4. Voila Dessert Shop – Not Your Typical Cakes:
savory cake cairo 4. Voila Dessert Shop - Not Your Typical Cakes:

Don’t be fooled by the name, Voila Dessert Shop in Cairo has some savory tricks up its sleeve. Dive into their world of savory delights featuring the smoked salmon cake, the mixed cheese cake, and the savory delight of their cold cuts cake. They are here to redefine your cake expectations.

5. Treats Egypt – Quiche Your Hunger:
savory cake cairo 5. Treats Egypt - Quiche Your Hunger:

If quiche is your ultimate comfort food, Cairo’s Treats has a savory palette of options ready to tickle your taste buds. With fillings like smoked turkey, basterma, fresh mushrooms, spinach & blue cheese, and salami, their quiches are like savory poetry in pastry.

Say goodbye to sugar comas and hello to flavor explosions – happy savory cake-hunting in Cairo!

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